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Mixed reality

An essential technology of the 21st century, mixed reality brings 3D into the real world. It transcends screens, limiting a three-dimensional view on a flat surface, allowing a better understanding of volumes and scales. Mixed reality is the next step in the digital revolution, after the computer, the internet, and smartphones have revolutionized our relationship with digital.

 A large community of players is investing massively in this future field, offering numerous software and hardware solutions adapted to each need. The industry has many challenges, making it possible to optimize various processes such as design, training, quality control, remote expertise, and simulation.


  • Quality Inspection

    Carry out control and maintenance operations hands-free and scripted, limiting human error and greatly shortening sessions.

  • Product Review

    Mixed reality makes it possible to place a virtual product in a real environment or compare it with a physical version and thus better understand volumes and scales, even before its manufacture.
  • Remote Expertise

    Guide your operators in real-time by your experts in a digital conference. 3D information directly superimposed on the real world allows a faster and more efficient approach to the communication of your collaborators. The expert directly shows the gestures to adopt, limiting the error.

  • Digital Twin

    Replicate the real world digitally to run simulations without impacting your production. View complex situations with fresh eyes.
  • Training

    Emancipate yourself from expensive, complex physical installations. Stay in the real environment while adding virtual elements to maximize the learning results of your scenarios.

  • Data Visualization

    Overlay your digital data with real-world objects, machines, and tools. Organically compare different data models with unparalleled agility.
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